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Why Cliantha

Clinical Research courses play a pivotal role in equipping individuals with the essential expertise to oversee and execute clinical research studies. Tailored for professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, these educational programs are instrumental in advancing medical insights, enhancing patient care, and pioneering novel treatments and therapies. By delving into the intricacies of study design, data collection, and ethical considerations, participants in Clinical Research courses gain a comprehensive understanding of the research process, contributing to the evolution and refinement of healthcare practices.

Cliantha Academy, an affiliate of Cliantha Research, offers offline clinical research courses that are widely recognized in the clinical research industry, enhancing both your employment opportunities and the outcomes of trials.

  • >19 Years of clinical research experience
  • Trained >2000 clinical research professionals (site staff, EC, sponsors etc.)
  • Extensive & intense on-site training
  • Industry experts as faculty
  • Creative/Interactive content
  • Placement support & career counseling

Course objective

  • To bridge the gap between industry expectations and academic outcomes through Vocational training
  • Aim to create skilled professionals with practical skills needed for a successful career
  • We aim to upskill the freshers by engraving the real-time practical abilities enhancing their absorption towards the clinical research industry

Our Team

Nayan Prajapati

  • A Coach at heart and trainer by Profession with over 15 years of experience of clinical research industry. Nayan is certified trainer from Indian Society for Training & Development. He believes that learning is lifelong process & when learnt through innovative concepts, we tend to grasp things better. This belief pushes him to coin innovative concept in training. Nayan’s experience in clinical research includes 2.8 years is Quality Assurance and more than 13 years in the foundation, cultivation and continuous improvements of eLearning training system at Cliantha Research. His passion in training has helped him to be Awarded as Best In Class Learning and Development Young Learning Leader Award by TIMES ascent in 2018. He has also been awarded as Gujarat Top Training and Development Leader by World HRD Congress in 2019.
  • His vast experience, wisdom to understand the learning need and Leadership quality with Coaching skills help Cliantha Academy to achieve objective of providing Vocational training and create trained/ skilled man power for an industry.
  • By qualification, Nayan Prajapati is B’Pharm, MBA, Diploma in Training &Development and certified Life Coach.
  • Currently, Nayan Prajapati heads Training Department of Cliantha Research and handles Training of all employees of Cliantha of India and North.
  • Nayan Prajapati heads the responsibility of Cliantha Academy.

Jay Soni

  • Jay Soni is passionate about Public Speaking with a strong belief in Spirituality.
  • Jay has more than 5 years of experience in the field of Health care in Hospitals and Clinical research.
  • He has remarkable experience as Trainer in hospital and Clinical Research.
  • His People Management and Interpersonal skills help Cliantha Academy to interact with students and audiences to spread objective of Cliantha Academy.
  • By Qualification, Academically, he holds an M.Sc. degree in Medical Technology, having completed his thesis on the outbreak of Swine flu among positive patients in India during 2017, from B J Medical College, Ahmedabad.
  • Presently, Jay is actively engaged with Cliantha Research and Cliantha Academy, undertaking roles as a Trainer and Business Developer.

Anokhi Shah

  • Clinical research and health care professional, Trainer, Self-motivated and Passionate Learner.
  • She has 13+ years of experience at various levels of on-site Clinical Research and Academic experience at the University level. Her experience of Industry and Academy helps Cliantha Academy to create a bridge between Industry and Academy.
  • By qualification, she is a BHMS doctor, Post graduate in advanced clinical research and also in health care management and MBA in health care management from SGVU university.
  • Currently, she is working as a Trainer at Cliantha Academy.

Hardik Panchal

  • Hardik Panchal is a Certified Master Life Coach, a dynamic Training In-Charge, and a seasoned Clinical Research professional with over 13 years of expertise in GCP and GLP areas. Since 2013, he has been an integral part of Cliantha Research, contributing to the field with passion and precision.
  • Hardik's journey is adorned with a "Lean Six Sigma Black Belt" certification, reflecting his commitment to excellence. What sets him apart is his love for navigating diverse mindsets, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. Embracing the philosophy that learning should be synonymous with fun, he believes in transforming the often-arduous task of developing new skills into an enjoyable experience.
  • Accountable for conducting technical training and ensuring compliance with USFDA, EMA, ANVISA, ANSM, and GCP guidelines for regulatory submissions.
  • Provide mentoring and coaching to trainers, equipping them with various techniques for conducting training programs to align with updated regulatory requirements and internal standards.
  • Currently, Hardik Panchal leads the Training department of Cliantha Research in GCP areas of Cliantha of India, USA, and Canada.
  • Hardik's motivational prowess extends to his unique introspection technique, inspiring individuals to unleash their full potential. A dedicated reader and a qualified M. Pharm professional, he has conducted numerous training sessions on both technical and non-technical aspects of management and soft skills.
  • Join Hardik on a journey where learning is not just a process but an adventure, where growth is not a task but a thrilling exploration of one's capabilities.


Various Courses of Cliantha Academy

  • Clinical research Vocational training - 3 months
  • Clinical Research Vocational Training - 6 months
  • E-learning Course on Clinical Research (Self Pace Course)

Crash Course of Cliantha Academy

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Certificate Course on Analyst (Bio Analytical Lab)
  • Mastering Auditing Skills
  • Monitoring in Clinical Trial

Career in Clinical Research

Certainly! Clinical research comprises a vast array of job roles and responsibilities. Here are some examples of various job roles you can find within the field of clinical research:

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC):

  • Coordinates and manages the day-to-day activities of clinical trials at site level.
  • Ensures compliance with study protocols and regulatory requirements.
  • Collaborates with investigators, CROs and participants.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA/Jr CRA/CTA):

  • Monitors and audits clinical trial sites to ensure adherence to protocols and regulations.
  • Conducts site visits, reviews study documentation, and verifies data accuracy.
  • Collaborates with research teams and sponsors to ensure study quality.

Clinical Data Manager:

  • Manages and oversees the collection, storage, and analysis of clinical trial data.
  • Develops data management plans and ensures data quality and integrity.
  • Collaborates with statisticians and database programmers.

Clinical Project Manager (CPM):

  • Leads and manages the overall execution of clinical trials.
  • Develops project plans, budgets, and timelines.
  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams and ensures study success.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist:

  • Prepares and submits regulatory documents for approval from regulatory authorities.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines and laws.
  • Keeps up-to-date with changes in regulations.

Clinical Trial Monitor:

  • Conducts on-site monitoring visits to ensure protocol compliance.
  • Review study documentation, source data, and informed consent forms.
  • Communicates with investigators and sponsors.

Medical Writer:

  • Prepares regulatory documents, such as clinical study protocols and reports.
  • Develops patient information materials and scientific publications.

Clinical Trial Pharmacist:

  • Manages investigational drug supply and distribution.
  • Ensures proper handling, storage, and administration of study drugs.
  • Provides drug information and support to the study team.

Medical Writer:

  • Prepares regulatory documents, such as clinical study protocols and reports.
  • Develops patient information materials and scientific publications.

Clinical Trial Pharmacist:

  • Manages investigational drug supply and distribution.
  • Ensures proper handling, storage, and administration of study drugs.
  • Provides drug information and support to the study team.

Clinical Trial Auditor or Quality Assurance (QA):

  • Conducts independent audits of clinical trial sites and data.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory standards and protocols.
  • Reports findings and recommends corrective actions.

Clinical Trial Budget Analyst:

  • Manages and tracks the financial aspects of clinical trials.
  • Develops study budgets and forecasts.
  • Monitors expenditures and ensures cost control.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Coordinator:

  • Focuses on recruiting and screening potential study participants.
  • Assists in study logistics, documentation, and scheduling.
  • Manages communication among team members and stakeholders.

Clinical Trial Project Coordinator:

  • Provides administrative support to the clinical trial team.
  • Coordinates outreach efforts and manages participant databases.
  • Assists in informed consent processes.

Clinical Trial Site Investigator:

  • Leads the clinical trial at the study site.
  • Recruits and screens participants, administers treatments and collects data.
  • Ensures compliance with the study protocol.

Clinical Trial Ethics Review Board (IRB/IEC) Coordinator:

  • Facilitates the ethical review and approval process for clinical trials.
  • Ensures compliance with ethical standards and regulations.
  • Coordinates communication between the IRB/IEC and study teams.

Quality Control (QC)

  • Ensures compliance with protocols for correctness and completeness of documentation
  • Review of Clinical trial documentation and online monitoring wherever required


  • Preparation of content modules
  • Conduct training sessions of Clinical research Professionals on various topics of Clinical research

These roles play integral parts in the effective planning, execution, and monitoring of clinical trials, each bearing its own distinct focus and set of responsibilities. Depending on the trial's scale and intricacy, these functions may either be fulfilled by dedicated individuals or distributed among team members who share these responsibilities.

Vocational Training

Instructor-led vocational training is commonly used to prepare individuals for specific careers or jobs that require specialized skills and knowledge. It is particularly valuable in vocational fields. This approach ensures that learners receive personalized guidance and hands-on practice, which are essential for success in many vocational occupations.

Key characteristics of Instructor-led vocational training (ILVT) includes:

  • Instructor Guidance: An experienced instructor guides the learners through the content, provides explanations, answers questions, and offers feedback.
  • Structured Learning: ILVT is often highly structured, with a predefined curriculum, learning objectives, and a set schedule for classes or sessions.
  • Interaction: Learners can interact with both the instructor and fellow participants, facilitating discussions, group activities, and Q&A sessions.
  • Skilled Instruction: Qualified instructors with expertise in the vocational field lead the training, providing learners with valuable insights and hands-on guidance.
  • Focused Curriculum: The training program is designed to teach practical skills and knowledge directly relevant to a particular role, profession, or occupation.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Instructors can provide immediate feedback and clarification to learners, enhancing understanding and skill development.
  • Hands-On Training: Depending on the subject matter, ILT may include hands-on exercises, practical demonstrations, or simulations to reinforce learning.
  • Career counseling: Career counseling is a process of providing guidance and support to individuals in making informed career decisions. It involves assessing their skills, interests, and goals to help them choose suitable career paths and develop strategies for achieving their professional objectives.
  • Assessment and Certification: Learners are often evaluated through assessments, tests, or practical demonstrations, and they may receive a certificate or credential upon successful completion of the program.
  • Mock interviews: Mock interviews with weakness analysis involve simulated job interviews where candidates receive feedback on their performance, including identifying areas of weakness. This helps individuals refine their interview skills and address specific areas of improvement to enhance their chances of success in real job interviews.

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